Arthur Beatrice

Arthur Beatrice are that rare example of a band fully aware of exactly what they stand for. Their debut ‘Working Out’ represents a process of discovery, of trial and error. Its end-point matches up with where the group stand today: assured and thriving on confidence.

From their early days as school friends, they’ve always been a group left to their own devices. ‘Working Out’ is a product of two, three years of rough takes and energised demos, transformed into polished, more pristine works. It’s a process that’s been executed completely in their own studio.

This self-sufficiency is also evident in the group’s own Open Assembly label and nights, self-promoted gigs that invite others in. Everything’s curated on their own terms. The band don’t belong to any one scene, strictly speaking, but they’ve cultivated an environment all their own.

As a long player, it’s nigh on impossible to think of the record being made by anyone else at any given time. Perhaps a result of being self-contained and not allowing intervention from outside influence, Arthur Beatrice have stayed resolute to the ideas that assisted with their formation. ‘Working Out’ is as honest a first work as they come. It sums up the emotions and intense work that went into it in the first place, and when in the hands of others it takes on another energy altogether.

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