Does any other man in rock have as many faces as Beck, we’re finding it hard to think of any that’s for sure.

Initially finding fame with his lo-fi third album ‘Mellow Gold’ and more specifically slacker anthem ‘Loser’ it was with his 1996 era defining, Dust Brothers produced, slice of genius fifth album ‘Odelay’ that Beck found a global audience and the rest as they say is history.

Since then we’ve seen him evolve, surprise and enchant, as each subsequent release, usually involving some kind of spectacular reinvention, has captured our hearts, from the stripped back folk infused ‘Mutations’ to the psychedelic funk strut of ‘Midnight Vultures’, the complicated and insular musings of ‘Sea Change’ to the tex mex groove of ‘Guero’, the quirky pop of the ‘The Information’ to the sixties psyche hum of ‘Modern Guilt’ Beck’s is a career filled with contradictions, brilliance and above all brave choices.

Who knows where we’ll find him when twelfth album ‘Morning Phase’ drops in February, but one thing is for sure, come September we’re in for something unbelievably special as we welcome Beck to headline the intimate surroundings of the Big Top as our Thursday night headliner, kicking the weekend off in style.

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