Laura Mvula


We can’t think of a more perfect way to spend time on a sunny afternoon at Bestival than in the presence of the magical and uplifting Laura Mvula.

The young soultress from Birmingham has had an astonishing 12 months, shortlisted for the Critics’ Choice Brit Award at the start of 2013 Laura went on to release one of the albums of the year in ‘Sing to the Moon’, immediately loved and admired by critics and punters alike and Mercury Award nominated to boot.

It’s a record that manages to sound effortlessly retro and completely original all at the same time, shot through with that magical and uplifting edge that begs you to smile, dance, live and love, it’s the soundtrack to a better life, where the sun shines and happiness prevails.

But if you thought the record was good, wait until you catch Laura live, it’s not very often you find a solo artist who manages to out together a band that are on completely the same wavelength as they are but that’s exactly what Laura has done and it makes her live shows a utter joy to experience and one that we’re sure is going to be one of the highlights of this year’s festival.

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