Melt Yourself Down

With a line up that includes past members of Acoustic Ladyland, Transglobal Underground and Polar Bear, Melt Yourself Down arrive at Bestival with a glowing C.V. and reputation as one of the most talented and extraordinary bands on the planet.

The trick though is to pin down their sound, you see, we’re dealing with geniuses here, musical geniuses who have no respect for genre or convention, and any attempt to pigeonhole these guys just makes you sound like your listing all of the different types of music you know, like punk, and hip hop, jazz funk, blues afrobeat, psyche, you see now we’re at it. Just go watch them, take a pen and paper if it helps but we guarantee that 30 seconds into their set you won’t give a damn what their music is called, just glad you’re in the presence of genius.

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