Responsible for some of the greatest house records the early nineties ever saw Mark Kinchen fast became the hottest producer on the planet through his own tracks like ‘Burning’ and ‘Always’ and also era defining remixes for the likes of Jodeci and of course Nightcrawlers “Push The Feeling On”.

Towards the end of the decade Mark left the scene to become Will Smith’s in house producer, where he was responsible for masterminding Big Willy’s world takeover at the turn of the century.

Now he’s back in the dance world and it’s no coincidence that his return has been accompanied by biggest renaissance house music has seen in a generation. Already he’s remixed the likes of Disclosure, Lana Del Rey and the number one hit by Storm Queen and 2014 has started in the same way with a raft of productions set to define the new generation of house music.

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