Sidney & Percy

Comedy clown double act SIDNEY & PERCY are the unconfirmed secret love children of Chas ‘N’ Dave and Liza Minnelli bring you exactly what you’d expect: pub-sing-a-long classics and originals, a lot of lambeth walk elbows, unruly eyelashes and foul mouthed banter with their high energy mixture of oldies and original comedy.:

‘Just for sh*ts and g*ggles’ is their latest pubs-and-pianos tour currently taking the East End and Leigh-on-Sea by storm.

​What people say:
“From Go Big Dog to Blow Job, Sidney and Percy pull it off – with pace, aplomb….and in tune too!” – Aunt Sarah

“A real tonic, Better than an after-diner speech any day. No pomp, no flat jokes, just fun in tune.” – David Taylor

“The catchiest and most hilarious songs and performance guaranteed to have you singing along to a right old knees up! Sidney & Percy, J’adore!” – Kristian Biggs

“Without doubt the only time you’ll ever wake up in the morning and say the immortal words, ’weren’t Sidney and Percy great last night! They’re the Kinder Eggs of entertainment giving you songs, laughter and chat all for the price of one act, what more can the general public ask for on a night out in the current economic climate?” – Peter McGrath, The Royal Oak Tetbury regular


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