Sven Väth


Who better to head up proceedings on our opening night at The Port this year than legendary techno godfather Sven Väth.

From his first DJ spots in 1982 Sven Väth has set out to challenge our understanding of club culture, constantly pushing things forwards with imprints like Harthouse, Eye Q and of course Cocoon, through his own prolific output and the best of world’s finest techno artists.

Cocoon quickly became a global phenomenon, with Väth as its enigmatic figurehead, a label, a club night, a guarantee of quality unrivalled by any other brand in dance music this is techno at it’s most unapologetically pure, visceral and widescreen which has seen both Cocoon and Väth shape the underground of both Germany and Ibiza over the course of his 33 (and counting) year career.

Docking at Bestival for the very first time we are immensely pleased to welcome one of the world’s greatest DJs for what promises to be a phenomenal climax to our first night at The Port.