The Wishing Tree


This year will be the fifth year our Wishing Tree has been standing proud! Our wonderfully weird netherworld awaits your pleasure-seeking presence at one of the best places to hang out at the festival.

During the day The Wishing Tree will be full of tales, talks, shows and curiosities, then at night the very best Tree Js will swing you through into the wee hours, so be sure to pay a visit and join in the merry mayhem.

Surrounding the magical Wishing Tree you’ll also find the Woodcutters Arms – the World’s Smallest Pub (pop in here for some tiny surprises) plus a Wooden Pantheon, a mill and saw and a whole yard to hang out in. Also, don’t miss Canary Dwarf, the Bird Brothel, the Marble Fountain, the Jail Bird House, the Nut House and much more!

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