Tropical featuring JME & Skepta

Boy Better Know head honcho and Grime Godfather JME lands at Bestival this year bringing with him labelmates Skepta and Logan for a bass ripping Tropical takeover of the Red Bull Music Academy stage.

Since its first release in 2005 Boy Better Know has been responsible for the success of the UK urban underground scene, taking grime and bass and catapulting it onto the world stage, with JME, big bruv Skepta and cohort Logan at the forefront of the scene.

As well as his skills on the mic JME has become one of the finest producers the scene has ever spawned producing some of Grime’s most enduring tracks on his own and together with his brother Skepta. taking grime and bass and catapulting it onto the world stage.

Joseph Junior Adenuga, aka Skepta, has always managed to balance being part of a scene with following his own path. Like so many others, the North London MC and producer is parlaying a youth spent cutting his teeth on pirate radio and in grime raves into a mainstream career with seemingly unstoppable momentum, but along every step of the way he has done things his own way – and he has no intention of changing this to please anyone.

Hard work means little without talent, though, but Skepta has plenty of that. He’s nothing if not versatile: he can do menacing, he can do witty; he can do thoughtful, he can do feel-good party tracks. He can make you laugh and get you hyped up, and he’s never less than a thrill to listen to.

  • Tropicalpalmtree