Weird Kid Collective


If you go down to the Ambient Forest!! this Bestival, be sure of a spectacular surprise…As Weird Kid Collective bring you a variety of immersive performances, every day and night.

By day, bump into a different troupe of castaways, washed up onto the shores of Bestival… Sit down with some absurdly entertaining aristocrats for high tea, as they try to rebuild their lives in the woodland with nothing but the fancy clothes on their backs. Join the archetypical American family, who seem to have travelled far away from anywhere in the cruise brochure – would you be a dime and take their picture? Or help J-Money, the rather flustered ringleader, try to round up the animals from his travelling circus, before they revert to their wild roots!

However, remember, you are never alone in the Ambient Forest – anyone could be watching from behind those trees… The Lords of the Fireflies are keeping an eye on things and, by night, are capturing trespassers as offerings to the ancient nocturnal forest spirits, who protect these lands….